Simple Tips for Natural Living

Holistic lifestyle advice for families looking to eat wholesome foods, and live more sustainably.


  • I wonder what you Will Be that perfect Dream of mine, will you Have strong demanding lips, Big hands in which to hold Me close and run your Fingers through my hair, Oh the day will come soon And you will be mine In that You can be sure of every time

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  • Another night

    I can’t wait to share A home with you To know there is Someone to come home To and talk the adventures Of the day to praise I have Another night to hold you Close long into the the night

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  • For always together

    I will close my eyes To dream of you With great pleasure The longing will be over For you will be in My arms forever

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  • Pondering

    It is September and Fall Will shed it’s leaves to Bare the truth that another Day has come and gone To leave us a lone to try to Make sense of why we are here

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  • Encaged

    I have no thoughts in mind What shall I dream up What has happened to me I can’t seem to keep an interest Oh don’t let yourself slip Into that lazy scenario For it is impossible to escape

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  • Stand by me

    What do I do To make this messed Up relationship work When the two are so different How do you make it work Do you keep your mouth shut Or speak the truth Why should I keep quiet Woe to me for being in This relationship may God And the world help And stand by […]

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