Simple Tips for Natural Living

Holistic lifestyle advice for families looking to eat wholesome foods, and live more sustainably.


  • Heavy Eyes

    What do you do When your eyes Get heavy and wish To close tight To lose all sight And with all your might You will turn around And make it all right By crawling into bed And go nighty night

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  • Funny Looking Tea Leafs

    If a house is Square so are you If a house is Round scream out loud If the ground is Moist you make the choice If the ground is Wide you can hide If the tree is Tall you can make it fall Fall comes I run Down the hall Wall is blank Then I […]

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  • Search For Harmony

    Love I do to sit in a quiet room With nothing in mind, To have thought wondering No anticipation to accomplish anything, Just it in the middle of the floor Legs crossed and don’t expect anything, Feel every part relax in harmony Imagine with eyes closed, The sound of water hitting shore When you relax […]

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  • Whirlwind

    I sit and no thoughts Have raised an idea To share so I stare over The horizons trying to care To make sense of what I could do in this life To make my self know In this time as my body Starts to decline Oh come to me those Feelings bring me back to […]

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  • By And By Time Seems To Fly So Wave Good Bye

    The time is dragging by For when we will meet Again wonder what will be said Will we get along or hate on sight But emotions flare and I don’t care What will be said as long as You are with me is all that I dare

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  • Success come knock

    Take Off the mask And what do you see, A game being played Just for me? Just for me how Could that be, So put it back on And leave me be, I will stroll along And see what else There is to see, Beg your pardon I have grown Tire Some of this way […]

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