Simple Tips for Natural Living

Holistic lifestyle advice for families looking to eat wholesome foods, and live more sustainably.


  • It’s core deep

    Why is there dough In my mind, Will I ever Trust again in mankind, To sit and wonder why Then to turn a blind eye, Why do I believe they are lie’s Will I let my heart fly, To sore up high and let go Of that unknown that runs Down deep to the core

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  • Enchanted

    The excitement dwells below It bring thrills of the first encounter To find out if the feeling felt were true Will we have sparkles and joy Or absolute disappointment and dread Of the mistake made or hopefully That at last someone that understands Has come my way and happiness will Break the invisible balloon that […]

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  • Bye and bye

    It has been a long day But not as long as 6 months, And even though it creeps near you will stay dear to me here so, have no fear for the time will come and pass When we will sit and laugh and cry and watch time fly by

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  • If lonely I knew

    I am sad for I don’t know what to do You are so far away And I am here healthy And in good shape You are dewhittling away From poor conditions And lack of food I have comfort and You have none and Freeze at night This is not the way I wish to date […]

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  • Day star shining bright

    The morning has sprung Its head to look down With a wink and a smile To say I am here all day So make sure to go play

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  • Gazing and singing a song

    To gaze into those eyes Outlined with gold Will bring sure excitement Of wondering is there more, That strong jaw line And high cheek bones With lip full and strong, Will make me ache to hold You close and sing sweet songs

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