Simple Tips for Natural Living

Holistic lifestyle advice for families looking to eat wholesome foods, and live more sustainably.


  • No confusion

    It’s all right Life will fix its self, Life was meant To have challenges, And you are still afloat On a wondrous journey to control, Love is a thing Of the pass, And pass this will Do with no harm present

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  • Spinning

    What To say Quick and fast, To the point get It out of the way, No maybe you Should get out, Of the way No more confusion, Upset stomach or head spinning It’s to the point, Or no point at all I have no dirrection, What to do It’s all up in the air, Stop […]

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  • Chimes

    I cant think of anything To say except make Sure to stay safe, Wind comes and blow You around but, The chimes outside Stay still as can be Imagine that

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  • Wink from above is it love

    The fear dwells deep inside What should I expect from a man That I have just met though have grown close But just how close can you get via air waves Will the live still exist or is it all imagination Will our eye be fixed in a deep stare and Will we be mesmerized […]

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  • Tenderly Embrace

    The excitement of you coming Home is overwhelming, It gives chills where your hands Will soon travel freely, Embrace me tenderly my Loved one for soon you, Will be home within my open arms With tender love eternally

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  • Our Journey

    I wish time would come As if it were yesterday Just to have close to me Though I know no words to speak But to gaze into those hazel eyes And drift into mirror image Of us in a long embrace to The end of time

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