Simple Tips for Natural Living

Holistic lifestyle advice for families looking to eat wholesome foods, and live more sustainably.


  • Bored Today

    Let it be another day And boredom has come forth To entangle my day, To strangle my breath that There will be no more days ahead, And sad it will be when I lay Down my head all those achievements, As they float away from the days ahead

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  • Home again once again

    The excitement builds from Underneath my skin it makes The blood curdle and the hair Stand on end and wait with Undeniable love for you to be at Home in my long waited loving arms

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  • Just stroll on in

    Stroll I will do To bring me to you, To open my heart And light a fire under neath, To put my head up high In a mass of clouds, Then cry will be brought forth When we decide to apart.

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  • Love come again

    May it come knock On my door, Come calling alone And never leave No more, for it Is you I yearn for, So don’t fret just bring your calling card, As you enter into my heart

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  • Unbelievable to me

    What amazes me Is how I can forget To do what is important To me and just carry on To be unknown and still carry on To be oblivious to tomorrow And be excited for the day To come forth and inspire me

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  • Sought Tunnels

    The day has passed so On we go to the next challenge, To the next inspiration To be sought and embrassed, To be caught in a whirl wind That can only bring opened avenues, And in some cases dark narrow Pathways to be sucked in, And never wish to be let loose For is it […]

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