Simple Tips for Natural Living

Holistic lifestyle advice for families looking to eat wholesome foods, and live more sustainably.


  • Ask

    Another day to watch the animals of this land To be thankful to be alive and vibrant To wish for the next day is all we can ask for

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  • Cherished

    Graced with another day To walk the green grass and the dew too Will make for a magnificent daytime be with you

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  • Skip a tune I see you

    Oh my I did it again I made it through another day How lucky am I to be blessed with another day Thankful I am and ready for rest So off the bed I skip

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  • A flat again

    The sun was so hot it made it hard to move To take that flat tired bike to the shop down the road If only it was just down the road but lucky for me the folk’s are friendly folk’s So you see it became a hike turned ride down the road That is something […]

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  • Sing a tune

    It couldn’t of been a better morning Of the sun gently landing on the tip of my nose Of a refreshed nights sleep and willingness to start the day So on I go out the door and down the road The urge to skip a beat and whistle a tune Will bring me back to […]

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  • Reminder

    The morning was brief and breezy Though I know you can’t fool me, That heat will creep upon us soon And feel like our skin is being melted, Down it goes to the blood to boil thoroughly As sweat starts to proceed to pour off the skin, that will get a slight cool sensation as […]

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