Simple Tips for Natural Living

Holistic lifestyle advice for families looking to eat wholesome foods, and live more sustainably.


  • A Tail for you

    It’s another day And night has passed I have no thoughts To share with you But Maybe at last I will dream a tail And maybe in that tail You will find a wonderful Story to share with loved one’s and family too

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  • Horrific sights

    The day has progressed Into what you see this day Of undecided, undesired, Divided world where the Unknown is in every corner And dread in hearts where love Use to reside, should we wish For another day of horror, When will it end or Let ourselves die, And dream of another life Way up high […]

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  • Seeing it through

    If only the freshness of a beginning Could last all day through It would make living a little easier To get through, then dreams and hopes Of a bright future can be seen even if it’s Through the smog of the day before

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  • In God

    Under Nether I have fear What if it doesn’t work Can I handle belonging to Someone else again Can I trust another man again Wow to me for having such an idea Then in God I will trust that You will never leave my side again

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  • To walk again

    The excitement that is stirred inside The thought of walking down the aile again To finally make right what had been wrong Will fill me with excitement beyond words And in love with you I shall be untill we part Hopefully long into eternity

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  • Let it linger on

    What will happen if we leave Will we be safe in an unknown place What joy will come from another way Will we be able to survive their way What sights will we see walking their streets Will I be happy in a long embrace What ever happens will be fine with me As long […]

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